Paul Morin
Quantum Thing
This project was supervised by François Azambourg and Julien Bobroff, teacher and researcher at Université Paris Sud (Orsay) and shown at ’Design Quantique’ exhibition, at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

Quantum things are really tiny, both waves and particles, without determined position, with different shapes at the same time… They are very hard to imagine. So, I have created a quantum thing on a human scale, that you can watch and handle.

First, you will see how it behave. And then, Julien Bobroff will explain these phenomenons with words.
The phenomenons ENSCI et Univ.Paris Sud-CNRS

The explanations ENSCI et Univ.Paris Sud-CNRS

Printed on foldable structures, these foldable structure allow to show the shape of the electronic cloud surrounding the core of atoms. Julien Bobroff uses them to explain what is a quantic wavefunction.