Paul Morin
This project is a part of my graduate project at ENSCI - les Ateliers, about the future of personal 2D printers, under the direction of Erwan Bouroullec.

How to redesign the printer today ? How will we use printers when the increasing use of screens questions the role of paper ? How should we design them in order to make reasonable use of resources ?

Impro is a vertical, resilient and repairable printer for professional working with images. A long lasting machine for long term uses.

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The body is made of folded metal sheets so as to survive in an hostile environment such as a metal workshop. That's rather like a workshop tool than a electronical gadget.
Instead of being hidden, the paper and the inks are directly visible on top of the machine for us to see it's consumption. Using ink tanks instead of cartridges also reduces wastes and allows non-standard inks colors.
The inside mechanics are designed to facilitate comprehension and maintenance. Technical parts are easy to identify thanks to their arrangement and the role of color. Online tutorials use the same language to explain reparations.