Paul Morin
This 3 months project won the Samsung Design Awards 2014, got the label of the Observeur du design 2015, and was exposed at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

Why can’t we choose the informations we want in public spaces ? Why can’t we comment on the messages displayed in the city ? Why can’t we post our own messages in the streets ?

This is a set of proximity communication devices. They are connected by a web platform. Thanks to them, everyone can take part in public space communication.

ACT-&-SEE est un écosystème d'outils de communication de proximité. Son rôle est de permettre aux habitants de trier, commenter, publier et partager des informations directement dans l'espace public. Transformer la ville en un outil de partage.

This kiosk can print the newspaper on demand, choosing the articles depending on what interests me. On this signboard, I can post comments at once, with my mobile phone.
This column is a shared showroom for the local activities. Either local residents, journalists or city services can publish contents. The publications are filtered by algorithm and moderators. The most interesting articles are promoted by the reactions of the crowd, but also by a dedicated team.