Paul Morin
Skate-O-Rama is a collaborative skatepark, created by and for the parisian skateboarders.

The creativity of the skateboard community is really behind this project. With Ugo Fiorda, we asked the parisian skaters to draw what would be the skatepark of their dreams. Thanks to these drawings, we designed several obstacles.
The Cité de la Mode et du Design agreed to host the project for one month. We launched a crowdfunding campaign on kisskissbankbank. It was designed like a video game, with levels that people should complete to unlock new obstacles. It allowed us to gather enough money to build 5 of them.
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One month later, the skatepark was built. We then invited local skateshops such as Nozbone and One Move to organise skateboard events.
For its second edition, Skate-O-Rama grows up with 3 new obstacles. They were offered by the Docks, Ultimate Ears and Nike SB. This second session was focused on co-creation. We organized creative workshops to imagine the next generation skate obstacles. To be continued.